My Little Thing

The feeling I get when I see your smile,
is more than I can describe.
Your face brings about such light,
making every light become even more bright.

As the white in your eyes become clear,
your dimple in each cheek begin to appear.
As well as your white beautiful teeth,
with the corners of your lips widened in each cheek.

The sound of your laughter
soothes like sweet melody.
Through the ears, down to my heart,
acts as a powerful remedy.

You are that little thing I never knew I needed,
and it is amazing how you make me feel completed.
I will never trade this feeling for anything,
for nothing in the world can be greater than this.

The pain I feel when I say goodbye,
it is the same, each and every time.
I promise distance will never come between,
as I always feel the love with in.

Time is never still, but always moves,
so, hold on just a bit longer.
I promise when the time comes,
will spend every moment together.

Remember that night


Since distance is on our path,

my wish is for you to clear your mind.

Create enough space and time

to go back to that night.

Remember that night we first spoke

and our hearts skipped a beat,

that night we almost

did not get any sleep.

Remember that night the earth stopped for a second

As our hearts connected.

On that night, the whole world stopped and starred,

As our love story began.

Remember that night the world seized to exist in our minds,

the world became only “us”, in each other’s lives.

That night “you” and “I” became extinct

and “we” and “us” began to exist.

Remember that night the angel of love came down to earth,

Only to witness the power he felt.

And to fate, an award was given

for the job well completed.

Remember that night we created a bond,

that later made us fall in love.

The bond became so strong

and never got lost in time.

Remember that night, so that you never have doubts

about the love we shared.

And no matter what happens to us,

You would never forget.

If you could do this for me,

if you never forget.

With all the gifts you will ever give,

this will always be the best.